Tips for Saving Green

Tips for Saving Green

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There are many small steps you can take to save some green.

And when I say green I mean both money and the planet.

Yes, it’s true, many of the ways you can conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint will also help save your bank account.

This page will include tips for saving money every month by lowering your electric bill, and some tips for saving money on products you can make yourself, or make the last longer. Other tips may include saving costs at the salon with DIY hair and skin care tips.

This site will strive to provide you with the best combination of Earth and money saving tips that I can muster up. From household cleaners to make-your-own beauty products, I will show you how the small steps you take can eventually lead up to a huge impact!

If you have any suggestions of your own I would love to hear them, and share them with our online community!


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4 Replies to “Tips for Saving Green”

  1. I agree that bottled water is a major mystery! The only time it really makes sense is if you are in another country and you can’t trust the water. But honestly, that doesn’t cover most of the people who buy bottled water. Besides that its actually bad for you, I have a friend who got breast cancer and her doctor was convinced that the bottled water she drank all the time from bottles left in a hot car had contributed to causing her cancer. The plastic releases artificial estrogens, and I don’t trust the ones that claim to be safe plastic. how do I know what type of plastic it really is? I have a glass water bottle at home that I refill from the tap and put in the fridge. It tastes way better anyway.

    1. I completely agree that sometimes bothered water is necessary, like you say. I have also heard of the health risks associated with letting any plastic container heat up. The chemicals bleed out and get into the food or water. Scary stuff!

  2. Wow never realised you could save money while saving the environment – you’d think if they advertised this more that more people would do it!

    I must admit I don’t clean as much as I should, so I wouldn’t make much use of a household cleaner, but I’m sure there will be loads of others that can make use of your content.

    In fact I bet my mum would love it, she’s good at making DIY beauty products.

    1. Hi Lyle,

      Glad to let you in on the secret! It’s probably not advertised because no one would really make money on it.

      Send your mom my way, I’ll get done beauty recipes up next. Maybe my apple cider vinegar hair rinse! It works like a conditioner and helps clean your scalp and remove buildup.

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