Save Energy, Stop Drafts in your Home

Save Energy, Stop Drafts in your Home

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Check for drafts, and don’t wait for winter.

Drafts in any season can cause your a/c or furnace to work overtime, costing $$ and energy.

Finding drafts

I did some digging and found this really cool DIY draft detector. Here is a video explaining how to put it together, once you have it together you just hold the metal part near suspected drafts and listen for the noise it makes. Walk through your home and run it along doors, windows, outlets, and switches. If you have an attic you can take it up there too!

Here is what you need:

  • 1 paper clip
  • 1 glass eye-dropper
  • 5/16 vinal tubing (6-12″ should be sufficient, but can be longer)

Watch the video below on how to make it, but here is what it should look like (but imagine more tubing)

Draft Detector

Stopping drafts

Doors and windows are both well-known culprits of drafts, especially in older homes. But you don’t have to replace them to stop the drafts.

Easy fixes for windows:
  • Heavy curtains may sometimes be enough to block a draft
  • Add caulking or weather stripping
  • Cover them in plastic (this will prevent you from being able to open them, so most people only do this in winter)
Suggestions for doors:
  • Add a door sweep for under door drafts (blocks the bottom of the door)
  • Install a storm door (still cheaper than the main door!)
  • Check the frame and caulk or seal it if needed

Some other areas you may want to check for drafts are fireplaces, attics, and electrical outlets/switches. Add insulation to drafty attics, cover fireplaces and replaces the switches and electrical outlets.

4 Replies to “Save Energy, Stop Drafts in your Home”

  1. What a creative way to check your house for drafts. Every little thing adds up and can save some money. And it is important to do this every season. Yesterday, my boyfriend just replaced the stripping along the bottom of two of our windows that apparently became loose over the winter months. As the home ages, it can become more drafty.

    1. Thanks, Wendy. Every season is a great idea! You don’t want your cool air leaking out and costing you money in the summer!!

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