Be a Hero

Be a Hero

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Have you ever been told, “don’t be a hero.” Of course not, that’s something only people in movies say.

Just what is a hero anyway?

I’m glad you asked! There are many kinds of heroes. Moms, dads, teachers, and soldiers are just a few ideas that come to mind, these everyday heroes make the world a better place.

But I’m talking about superheroes. The stuff comic books are made of. Especially the heroes that don’t have any special powers, they just build a suit or some nifty gadgets and get out there to save the planet from impending doom.

Ah, there it is! That’s the key to being a superhero. All you have to do is save the planet! Simple!

I think it’s high time everyone put on their long underwear and cape and did something to save the planet!

(Just don’t get your cape stuck in the paper shredder) 

OK, fine, maybe you don’t need long underwear and a cape. Maybe you just need the right attitude, and a few tips on how to get stepping in the right direction.

Oh, and did I mention these tips will usually save you money too? Bonus

On this page, I will post tips on how to be a hero. Check back often for updates as I find more money- and planet-saving tips!

Be a hero, tip #1 – Keep your thermostat clear

Don’t put lamps, electronics, or other heat generating objects near your thermostat. The heat they put off will trick your thermostat into thinking it is warmer in the room than it is, causing it to run more than it needs to, particularly during warm seasons. This can raise your energy bill costing you and the E

Be a hero, tip #2 – Seal drafty doors and windows

Check for drafts, and don’t wait for winter.

Drafts in any season can cause your a/c or furnace to work overtime, costing $$ and energy.

Be a hero, tip # 3 – Keep that oven door shut!

Even just a quick open and shut peek at your food can cost you 25-30° F.

Did you know that everytime you open the door to check the progress of your food it can drop the temp by 150° F?!?

Depending on your oven this heat may return quickly, or it may cost you money and energy!

Check out my blog for more money saving tips for your oven.

Be a hero, tip # 4 – Don’t top off the gas tank.

Topping Off


Ever give that extra little squeeze at the pump?

Well, guess what? It wastes money and can even damage your vehicle! Not to mention the wasted fossil fuels and environmentally damaging vapors.


Please post your comments below!

What are your money-saving or planet-saving tips?

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  1. Hi Kat
    These are very informative tips. I really appreciate your knowledge on the topic. These very small steps can add to the money savings to large extent. I will make a habit to use this information not only to save money but also to save energy for next generation. Please keep me updated with more information. I have bookmarked your website.

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